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Marin EMployment Lawyer Testimonials

Several years ago one of my assistants thought we should post a sample group of comments and feedback I’d received over the years.  What follows is a sampling of the notes and letters received from clients, attorneys and others that we have stuffed into a box in the file room.

You can see other comments about our firm at:

You’ve been my Jerry (referring to Jerry Garica) though this nightmare. BH

Thank you for keeping us calm during the storm. FD

Thank you for your help Steve! You were great to work with! – AB

You are a gem to me. Thank you so much for this message and being there, in this very dark time for me. It means more than you know. Thank you, thank you so much Steve.  BH

Thank you for taking care of us! –  Construction company president

Thank you for all of your hard work, constant communication, and genuine kindness over these past months. I am over the moon happy to be moving on but will value what you have done for me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Thank you. –L

Thank you so very much for taking all this on for so little compensation. It is really so great to have been able to stand up for myself and win. –CK

I want you to know it was you who gave me the strength to get through this. Thank you for being so generous with your time. – R

I want to thank you so much again. I very much appreciated everything you have done for me. You have not heard the last of me. As we discussed we very much want to get this business going at some point and we need a very good lawyer to assist us and I could not think of anyone better than you. – JN

You are a stand up guy 24/7!  – MB

Thank you for making a difference in my life. –J

Working with you all these years has been one of the coolest parts. – C

I have so enjoyed working with you and very much hope our paths will cross again in the near future. Id be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future. I am all for paying it forward. –JA

Thank you for all your hard work. You did a great job with your clients. J

It is a great pleasure to know you, Thanks very much for taking the “chase” adventure ride with me. –MB

Great job Steve, you are a wise man. –L

Thank you for being there through this whole process and not disappearing like those car injury lawyers. You and the others in your office are really good guys. –T

Thank you for your help today. Besides being very knowledgeable you were also kind, which was appreciated more than you could know. –D

We want to thank you so much for your generosity and talent. We so appreciated meeting you even under the circumstances and were amazed that you could bring both parties to a settlement. –ME

Thank you very much I could not have gone through this without you, I felt safe having you there. –T

Hey Steve! Just wanted to thank you for listening to me the other day. You will never know how much you have helped me over the last year and how much I appreciate your advice. You’re a great guy and true friend. –B

I love referring work to you because we know that client will be in good hands. –MD

I would not still be in my home if it had not been for your determination, awesome attorney skills, and the simple fact that you took my case. – K

Steve, Thank you for everything. You helped me through some very challenging times with excellent advice. –R

Your assistance gave me knowledge of my rights and options and I will be forever grateful- SG

I smile when I think about how happy I was when you decided to represent me. I shall always be grateful for your perseverance and encouraging spirit, not to mention your knowledge of the law. –K

You are fantastic! Thank you- B

I feel blessed to know that I have a lawyer that I can believe in. –DL

What a pleasure it is to work with you. Your expertise along with your calm, down to earth nature is not an easy find. –TS

Thank you again for your extraordinary generosity toward me and my family. –MJ

Whoa you are like an UBER lawyer, I was going to say Lawyer God, but that seemed a bit over the top. –CC

“This is an excellent result.” –Chubb Insurance

“If it were not for your calm, open-mind and laid back nature, we probably wouldn’t have made it through this. We still can’t believe that we found you through only the yellow pages.”

–Mr & Mrs. R.

“Just a short note to thank?you for your advice and support during my practice sale. You gave me much more than your expert legal effort. You gave me a caring, personable support at a time when I really need it.”

–from a Marin County Doctor.

“For those of you who don’t know me, or the struggle I’m going through, but gave anyways, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart… Thank you and Blessings.”

–Mr. R. in Fairfax, CA

“We are having to sell our house here in San Rafael… I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your advice with regards to this matter. It was a pleasure dealing with you.”

–K.P. & D.S. in San Rafael,CA

“I lucked out when I got you as my lawyer.”

— S.

“Your presentation in May hit the spot! Thanks for coming to Santa Rosa to talk to our group!”

–R.J. in Santa Rosa, CA

“Your help this year has been a Godsend. Thank you for everything.”

–K & T

“We had such a great time in your class! You are a real genuine and good person in your soul, which comes through.”

–former student

“I enjoyed working with you on the (name omitted) mediation… You were tough and realistic, and you gave (name omitted) great support and advice. And you never lost your cool. It’s a pleasure to work with such good lawyers.”

–from a Marin County attorney

“You are one incredible person… Thank you for being so kind and considerate.”

— Mr. & Mrs. L

“Thank you so much with helping us buy our new house! We love you!!”

–J & S

“I just wanted to thank you for your support during the worst days of my personal crisis… you are a nice guy.”

–Mr. G.

“Your kindness has not been wasted on us and has contributed so much to our success and well being and I’m sure many others.”

–C & J

“Your patience and insight helped us through more than our naïve determination could have. We will be in touch. Thank you again.” — K & M

“J. felt much better with yesterday’s visit. In fact, his first words to me were (with emphasis) ‘Steve is a good guy.’ Later in the evening, ‘I like him.’ Simple and direct are more powerful than often extended verbose accolades… He left with a rock lifted from his shoulders. For that I thank you.”

— M.

“We have enclosed a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of your community service to the YWCA Legal Information Center. For over 20 years the Legal Information Clinic has relied on the generosity of attorneys like you to donate their time to assist low income Marin residents to finding answers to their legal dilemmas. This is a unique service in Marin and has a tremendous impact on many people… We know the time you have available to volunteer is limited and we are honored that you participate in our program.”

–Director of the Marin County YWCA

“If we can use your services in the future or can refer someone to you we will certainly do so. Your follow up was excellent and will be remembered.”

–Mrs. B from Novato

“We are most appreciative of the many hours you spent and the intellectual expertise you brought to bear on our case. We feel we were so well represented… Thank you again.”

–Ms. M in Santa Clara, CA

“Steve, you are a consummate practitioner with genteel manners and I grieve that they can’t all be like you.”


“I appreciate very much how accessible you have been to answer my questions. It’s great working with a lawyer who answers his own phone.”

— C. W.

“Thanks are hardly enough for all you have done for our family, you have been willing to hang in there when it looked bleak… Thank you for your help, expert skills, and tolerance… Thanks, truly, thanks.”

–V. & T.

“You spend your days being kind, generous, and doing good for people. Thank you. I am honored to know you.”

–Client in Marin

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Mr. Kesten on seminars. He is… an excellent speaker, and very popular with our seminar attendees.”

–Laurie St. Aubin, Project Manager of Professional Education Systems, Inc.

“Mr. Kesten is an exceptional instructor… his courses are comprehensive and well organized. He inspires students by his enthusiasm and love of learning to investigate topics on their own.”

–Carol Mintz, Program Administration, Office of Continuing Education, California State University Hayward

“T. and I both appreciate so much your help with our recent legal transaction. I like your abilities, and especially your spirit.”


“Thank you for all you have done for us. You were very generous. Because you were generous, I was able to act and encourage others in a way that was empowering. You helped us recall that we are Americans and as such have a treasure house in the law. Even when we do not use it overtly, the recollection that it is there for us is often enough for us to effect the changes we need. And so we have, and so, I believe we will.”

–Ms. M in Fairfax

“As a lawyer Steve is hardworking, conscientious and has a true concern for his clients… I have absolutely no reluctance or hesitation recommending Steve Kesten as a qualified attorney….”

–Stephen M. T

“Thank you again for all your time and patience in answering all my questions. I wish all professionals were like you.”


“I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done to help us out… I appreciate your candor and honesty in evaluating our situation… Every prediction you made was right on target in terms of what we could expect.”


“The (name omitted) sale went smoothly, and (name omitted) seemed satisfied, if not ecstatic. Thanks again for your help with that.”

–East Bay Realtor

“Many thanks for your persistant follow through and effective negotiation… I also very much appreciated the emotional support you provided… You will have my strongest recommendation whenever I’m in a position to offer you a legal referral. I’ve really enjoyed working with you.”


“Another card carrying member of the Steve Kesten Fan Club…”


“Thank you for all your kindness and support. People like you give us hope for the future and most of all make us want to do all we can to also touch some lives like you changes ours. Thanks a million!”

–V & S.